13th March 2019

(Hardly) Broken

After more than eleven months of preparation and anticipation the day was finally there. On February 28th, I boarded my first flight of my world trip, destination New York City where I would meet with some friends. The friend with whom I was staying had to go to Miami for work, so the second destination was Miami.

The beach, sun and lack of snow and chilly winds made the city a way better start of my trip. We spent days at Miami Beach, strolling around the neighbourhood of Wynwood, and I drove to the Florida Keys and watched Miami Heat beat the Sacramento Kings with 114 to 113.

Miami Beach

On the last day, it started raining just when I was leaving Little Havana in the afternoon. On my way to a bar to watch Ajax Amsterdam play Real Madrid in the Champions League, I slipped on a wet piece of cast iron plate and hurt my right foot. I shook it off and watched Ajax beat Real with 1-4. The same evening we flew back to NYC, as was planned already.

During the night the pain in my toe and ankle started to get worse and worse and by morning standing on my right foot was almost impossible. With my PCT-start just 6 weeks away, I was afraid of a serious foot injury. A quick trip to the urgent care facilities of CityMD had to give better insight into the situation. X-rays were taken and the analysis of those scans were enough for my doctor to diagnose both a toe and ankle fracture.

Immediately I started arranging everything so I could to take my rest at home and prepare as well as possible for my hike from Mexico to Canada. All my accommodations in Belize and Guatemala cancelled, flight rebooked so I could go home two days later.

The first thing I wanted to do back home was to see an orthopaedic surgeon and asses the damage to my foot and the estimated recovery time. To his and my surprise, he could not find any indication that could have led to the conclusion of a fracture in my toe. He did conclude that there was a bone chop in my ankle, but this was from on old fracture and was no reason for concern at the moment. This happened to be in line with the story of the American x-ray analyst, whom had only mentioned bones in my ankle and not my toe in the analysis of the scans. So what the doctor of CityMD based her diagnoses on is a mystery.

Needless to say, I’m relieved that my thru-hike of the PCT is not in danger, however also struck with unbelief about the misdiagnosis which caused me to cut short my trip.

It is still crucial to rest my toe and ankle as they were shaken up and sprained. I just felt that it would be better to do so while exploring the Garden Route and sipping wine in South Africa. So my next update will be from Cape Town, Stellenbosch or anywhere between there and Port Elizabeth.

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Happy trails.


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