7th July 2019

Into the Sierra Nevada

Thanks to a ride of trail angel Rick, I got to Kennedy Meadows without any problems. Kennedy Meadows is the portal to the Sierra Nevada, from there hikers head into the mountains. The last couple of weeks there has been a lot of talk between hikers about the snow situation up there, so we are fully prepared with ice axe and micro spikes before hiking out. We also carry a heavy bear canister, which is mandatory in most of the upcoming sections to keep bears from eating our food.

Against all expectations, the first section was snow free and green as it could. Where water was scarce in the desert, especially the last stretch I hiked before flipping up, it was flowing richly in the mountains; a sign the dreaded snow was melting well.

Not before long, me and Hollywood passed some beautiful meadows. Meanwhile we climbed to higher and higher altitudes, the high Sierras were beckoning. Until then we enjoyed all the beautiful scenery we hike through. I knew the Sierra Nevada was going to be amazing, but I never imagined it to be like this.

After four days, we got to Mount Whitney base camp. Standing 4.421 meter (14.505 feet) high, it is the highest mountain in the contiguous USA. More on out attempt to summit that and the last days of this stretch in my next post.

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Happy trails!


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