7th August 2019

The last of the Sierras

With the High Sierras done and a nice rest in Mammoth, the Low Sierras were waiting. The section straight out of Mammoth Lakes had seen a big wildfire just last year. While it was still very clear, new vegetation was already taking over the view. The trail passed Devils Postpile National Monument, where beams of rock seem to come out of the earth.

It was only 30 miles between Mammoth Lakes and Donohue Pass, where I would enter Yosemite National Park. After Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park, this was the third and last National Park of the Sierra Nevada.

Hiking into Yosemite was something special. Although we would leave the park 100 miles before the official end of the Sierra Nevada section, it felt like the end of it. Maybe also because just 13 miles into the park was the place where our group would begin splitting up. One of us quit the trail directly, one would take it easy as he would quit in South Lake Tahoe while the rest, including me, wanted to start hiking their own pace.

Even without seeing the big attractions, El Capitan and Half Dome, I could see why people flock to Yosemite during the summer season. Big rock formations which are truly unique to the Sierra Nevada area.

The final stop in the Sierras was Kennedy Meadows North, where I resupplied for the stretch to South Lake Tahoe, the end of the Sierra Nevada. While leaving KM North, the weather turned, thunderstorms and hail rolled over the trail. This made us turn around and stay the night. The next morning some of us made it out anyway, regardless of the overcast and forecasted rain and thunderstorms.

After doing 75 miles in three days, I made it to South Lake Tahoe and was finished with the Sierra Nevada. My plan was to have a zero and enjoy town before heading into Northern California. A small injury in my heel made changed that into two zeros.

I was feeling good the day I got back on trail. But the next morning I ended up getting a split shin in my right leg. This injury has kept me off trail ever since.

My hope is that I will get back on trail later this week and continue my hike to Canada. I might have to change my plans if the injury takes longer to heal.

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Happy trails.


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