7th May 2019

San Jacinto Wilderness

Before leaving Idyllwild on Wednesday May 1st, we took advantage of being in town. A small breakfast, milkshake and a cinnamon roll, followed by a whole pizza for lunch. Around 13:00 we were excited to finally get back on trail, after getting a hitch in the back of a pickup truck. Before getting back on the PCT we had to go back up the 2.5 mile side trail we hiked down into town. Our plan was a short hike, setting us up for the next day’s plan to summit San Jacinto. The peak stands 10.834 feet (3.300 meter) tall and provides some of the best views in Southern California. A…

25th March 2019

Back to the Cape

The first time I was in Cape Town, I absolutely fell in love with the area. The beautiful nature, great people and amazing wines. So with 2.5 weeks of Central America cancelled due to a supposedly broken toe and ankle (see previous post) and more than a month until my start date on the PCT. I had enough time to go back and see all of it again and then some.