1st June 2019


An European hiking the PCT on a three-month ‘visa’ sounds weird. Everyone from outside of the USA makes sure to have a full visa, allowing for a six months stay in the country, when attempting a thru-hike that takes between four and six months to complete. Why did I do it differently?

30th May 2019

McD and Wrightwood

Everyday a new experience on trail. Different scenery or friends, or even hiking tipsy during a gorgeous golden hour. The sun was setting and we had 3.5 miles to go. Hops and I had left Hollywood somewhere on trail and now we were looking for his tent. The first time we thought we saw it, it turned out to be a large rock. The next time we were sure and yelled ‘Hollywood’, only to discover it was a different tent. Finally we got to camp and found four other hikers, including Hollywood. We packed out a six pack of Budweiser from the bar and spread it amongst our fellow hikers….