19th September 2019

Back to Sri Lanka

It was always my plan to backpack in Asia after I’d finished my PCT thru-hike. As my hike ended earlier than expected, I had extra time for this Asia trip. My intended first destination was hiking in Nepal, which didn’t seem like a smart idea with the lingering injury. Furthermore, I would head East earlier than expected, leaving most of my planned destinations in the less desirable monsoon-season. Sri Lanka seemed like a good place to start, I’d been there before and the rain would subside during my stay there.

7th August 2019

The last of the Sierras

With the High Sierras done and a nice rest in Mammoth, the Low Sierras were waiting. The section straight out of Mammoth Lakes had seen a big wildfire just last year. While it was still very clear, new vegetation was already taking over the view. The trail passed Devils Postpile National Monument, where beams of rock seem to come out of the earth.

18th July 2019

Mount Whitney and Forester Pass

Back to the place where it all started. Two years ago, I drove through the Sierra Nevada and while I was there I hiked part of the Mount Whitney trail. I didn’t summit, but vowed to come back to do so. Then and there is where the idea of hiking the PCT was born. Now as a PCT hiker, I followed up on this promise to myself and summited the highest mountain in the contiguous USA.